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For the last four years or so, I've used email to connect with a group of family and friends with messages of reflection, challenge, and hope. Triggered by the presidential election of 2016, these messages took on a life of their own. I found the weekly practice of considering something of importance, and crafting a paragraph or two about it, deeply satisfying - and sanity-preserving.

Several times I pondered the notion of making this into a more formal platform. As we wrapped up the challenging year of 2020, with another presidential election and a global pandemic that laid bare many of the structural problems of our society, it felt like time to do so.

Hence, this newsletter. I intend to use it to share weekly messages, as before, with the potential to include more people. I hope you’ll opt in.

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Exploring a revolution of values that places our common humanity at the center of our social, political, and educational structures.


Elizabeth Fountain

I am an author and educator seeking to deepen my understanding of social justice, equity, and compassion.